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mucholderthen: The Fathers of Evolution

Charles Darwin – by Fernando Vicente

Alfred Russel Wallace – by Fernando Vicente


Jorge Luis Borges

Eruption of Volcano Vesuvius // Johan Dohl 

Eruption of Volcano Vesuvius // Johan Dohl 

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A handsome farm-boy looking guy I was reintroduced to this weekend kept Facebook messaging me about things?

Men of the world, what does this mean? I am talking WHAT LEVEL OF INTEREST is oft displayed in further communications?

“nothing will ruin your 20s more than thinking you should have your life together already.”
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so much love and respect and admiration for young feminists. teenage feminists that are learning and sharing their knowledge and speaking up. that takes a kind of courage i never had as a teenager. it’s already scary as fuck being a teenage girl and when you add feminism to the mix, like…god. you girls are so badass i love all of you

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SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN for the CINEMA LOCALE zine! Read all about it on this here densely-collaged document or scan the QR code or browse the links below for more information!

Some ideas especially for you, straight from my 1am brain:

- wax poetic about Daniel Craig’s steely blues

- write a nice haiku about the beauty of celluloid

- a freestyle poem about the 4k workflow

- a super cute collage of smiling set photos, all of the photos cut into adorable heart shapes

I have confidence that you all can take it from here!

Here’s a nice big link to the document.

And! The link to the master-posting that the QR code goes to!

CINEMA LOCALE - the local cinema zine



SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN! From now until January 31st, 2015, the first issue of the CINEMA LOCALE zine will be accepting submissions! Listed below are a few rules, what sort of things you can submit, and some great zine resources!

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